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315 E. Evergreen Kalispell, Montana

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All payments must be sent in early to confirm space and please do not wait till the last minute!


The theme this year is being 'Radical' as thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this. Arrival date is Thursday JULY 20 and you can stay an extra day departing Monday July 24

We will have a line-up of seasoned speakers for this three day conference to edify the saints. Come join us to hear a host of speakers, get tools, banners, open air preaching Bibles, bumper stickers, gospel signs of all sizes to help you evangelize and if you are not inspired and moved to proclaim the Word of God in public after this meeting, get BORN AGAIN!

Each day is filled with worship and lecturers, along with an evening for fellowship around the campfires and one day is reserved for evangelizing in public.

Price for Montana conference: $100.00 per person, $150.00 per couple and $175.00 per family in advance to help cover all meals. Just bring sleeping bags or mats, blankets and your towel. Showers and bathrooms on site. With that you will have 3 meals, drinks and snacks, families can share rooms but bring bedding, air mattress and towels as each room is empty. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served, along with drinks and snacks.

Wish to stay outside? No problem, bring a tent, campsites are available for tents. Have an RV? No problem, there will be parking for RV's and you can use showers and bathrooms inside the gym. Need to store certain foods for a diet? No problem, there is a large kitchen with refrigeration.

We are also looking for volunteers in the kitchen and we will have an area for children. IF you bring children you must not allow children to run or play during the convention and those of you with children must volunteer your time within the children area. Camp fires with singing and testimonies nightly and of course the 'puppet show' from the Hall family.

One day we will Christianize vehicles and caravan to the 10 Commandment Park and one night we will have a book burning. So bring anything you know you need to eliminate from your house that will hinder your walk with God as we will have a public burn.

We will also have live-feed everyday so keep posted or come get radical for Jesus!

Make checks out to

Philip Klevmoen, MAIL TO: Philip Klevmoen P.O. Box 5119 Whitefish MT. 59937

Make checks payable to:

Philip Klevmoen
P.O. Box 5119
Whitefish, Mt. 59937

*If you do not pay in advance an extra $50.00 will be added to the registration fee at the door.
**Arrival date is Thursday JULY 20 and you can stay an extra day departing Monday JULY 24 after breakfast**

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