Open Air Preachers Conference

Mail: irebukeu@earthlink.net

Begins on Monday the 29th of Decmber

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Brought to you by the Holy Ghost!

Who Are We

Men of God who are called to preach the Truth to a culture of hypocrites and sin justifying neoevangelicals filled with and seeking to gratify their unholy, wicked passions with a total disregard for the warnings of wrath that come from God's Word. Men of God called to preach the Message of repentance to a culture of perverse and wicked pleasure seekers promoting and defending their abominations and gross immorality...Men of God who stand opposed to the popular notions of libertinism and licentiousness!

Conference Info

  • You need to arrive on Sunday Dec 28th and check in to the hotel.
  • Starts on Monday December 29th at 9 AM
  • Tuesday Decmber 30th
  • Wednesday December 31st
  • Ends with open air preaching to usher in the New Year
  • There is no charge for the conference
  • You can stay at the place where the conference is being held.
  • Contact Bro. Ruben for details and register online
  • Register Online Here (click on the link here)
  • https://soapalasvegas.wufoo.com/forms/soapa-las-vegas-registration-form/
  • You will receive additional Conference info after you register.

What We Do

This conference is specifically designed for that man of God who, being anointed with the power and unction of the Holy Ghost, is called of God to publicly declare the Divine Judgment of God upon sinners even though they are offended by it. To preach the uncomprimising Word of the Lord to sinners lost in the spiritual wilderness of this present day culture of reprobates and degenerates. To preach the Cross to a culture of self-righteous, ungodly, unholy, dope smoking, beer drinking, and sin excusing, pantheistic, liars.

Want To Know What To Expect...Watch Some Videos Here: WWW.youtube.com/user/SouthernPreachers


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